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Blinking Sussex Photographer !

Or: even photographers have to blink sometimes!

Another busy weekend, this time away from Sussex covering a wedding up in Suffolk.  Although we are based in Brighton we are often called upon to photograph weddings all over Sussex and the southeast in general.

I have a lot of friends and contacts up in Suffolk and occasionally we are called upon to take the photographs at weddings and other occasions  in East Anglia.   I have just been going through my photographs of the weekend, and it amused me to see this one Charlotte who was my assistant photographer, demonstrating (accidently!)  one of the biggest problems we have as photographers, namely blinking.

When we photograph  a wedding, particularly the formal group shots we usually take many duplicate images of each group of subjects.  This is through a variety of reasons, but the most important reason of all is blinking.  In any group of  people there will always be somebody who blinks a lot and the bigger the group the more likely you are to have somebody spoiling the photographs by having their eyes closed. With very big formal groups there is nothing you can do about this and you just have to accept that a certain proportion of the people in the photograph will be blinking. Charlotte always complains about this, so I’m looking  forward to showing her this image.

Photographer, Charlie, Brighton-Sussex

Photographer Charlotte caught mid-blink!

Charlotte our assistant Wedding Photographer doing the dreaded blink

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