The toils of the Brighton wedding photographer-Processing the images of the latest Sussex wedding

As much as I enjoy taking photographs as a wedding photographer, I do find the job of adjusting and checking each image before delivery to the customer quite demanding.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, it’s just that it’s quite tiring staring at a computer screen checking through several hundred photographs. Rob, our London based photographer,  seems to enjoy it more than I do and on this occasion is really helping me out by doing the lion’s share.  To do it well I find I have to take a break about every 45 minutes to refocus my eyes on something more distant than a computer screen.

Brighton photographer-sussex wedding

The Happy Couple-Brighton-Photographer PG

On the positive side, it’s really good fun reliving the day and finding that some photographs came out a lot better than I expected and that some which I thought were going to be really good failed to deliver.  The wedding we are checking through at the moment took place a couple of weeks ago in central Brighton and on the whole from the wedding photographer’s point of view at least, was a great success with most photographs coming out exactly as we expected.

It really was a beautiful sunny day for October, and it was a real bonus to be to go down on to the seafront near Brighton Pier and take some great pictures of the bride and groom.  As it was such a sunny day, there were literally thousands of people in Brighton that day and it was nice to get such a positive reaction from passers-by, congratulating the happy couple on their wedding and wishing them luck in the future.