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Wedding Photography Hints and tips-Brighton & Sussex

I was recently asked to write a short article for a mid Sussex publication, who were running a wedding special edition. Thought I’d reproduce it here. pat

1. Planning on having a wedding rehearsal? Why not invite your wedding photographer. It gives the photographer an opportunity to plan
for maximising the photo opportunities of the day. Additionally, it allows you to become more familiar with your photographer and feel comfortable with a lens in close proximity.

brighton sussex wedding photography

Bride at wedding rehearsal, Brighton, Sussex.

2. Perhaps like a lot of couples you have thought of having disposable cameras at the wedding breakfast, for the guests to use. This can be a nice thought, but it is worth considering the poor quality of the cameras. Also your wedding guests are not always the best photographers, especially when less than sober!

3. A better idea is to purchase two or more digital cameras. Give them to selected guests and ask them to take informal photographs of the day. This is an especially good job for teenagers, who might otherwise find some parts of the day boring. Giving them the job of unofficial wedding photographer, can give a purpose to their day.

4. Have a small digital camera available for you and your partner, so that you can take impromptu candid photographs of each other throughout the day. These pictures often do more at reminding you of the the days real feel and emotion than any other images.

5. It is always worth checking with the person conducting the ceremony – whether its civil or religious – that photography is allowed during the ceremony. This is especially important with church weddings as sometimes photography is not allowed during the ceremony or on some occasions in the church at all! The use of flash is the most usually applied restriction.

6. Remember that lighting is very important to achieve the best possible pictures of your wedding day. The level and quality of light changes from day to day. Be prepared to vary your photographic plans to be ready to accommodate the time of day and weather variations.

7. On my travels around Sussex,  I am frequently surprised by the lack of forward thinking, that goes into arranging the photography at a wedding. Being organised and thinking ahead, will make your wedding images far better, more than any other factor.

8. If a shortage of money is a problem, you could try getting in contact with a trainee wedding photographer to photograph your wedding for free, in exchange for the experience and images for their portfolio. Free advert websites such as Gumtree are a good starting point, but do keep expectations to a reasonable level, as they are, after all, doing it for free. This if usually preferable, to asking someone from your social circle or family to be your wedding photographer, as in the event of problems, due to bad luck, incompetence or negligence, it can cause ill feeling and damage a relationship that is important to you.

Following these tips and hints should have some lovely pictures to remind you of your wedding day.

Only a short piece, as I was asked to keep it to 450 words but they liked it-Hope you did too!

Brighton,Sussex bride prepares for wedding

Final touches before her Wedding

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