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Which photographic style should you choose for your Sussex wedding?

The styles can be divided into three broad groups:

The traditional or classic style. This is a style of wedding photography though currently unfashionable was for many years the norm and is still popular as it is often what is expected by parents and grandparents. In essence this style consists of a large number of posed photographs of groups of people and portraits. It’s a style that is familiar to all of us and although rather rigid in its execution does express the formal and timeless aspects of your wedding day very effectively. As a wedding photographer we would ask you to have a list of formal photographs that you would like us to take, as well as the assistance of one of your guests, who knowing who the various people are, is a great help in gathering together the various formal groups. Always bear in mind that although you may favour the more modern casual photographic styles, more traditional photographs will be appreciated by the older members of your family.

photographer captures wedding group near Brighton
Formal wedding group photograph at Lewes, Sussex

Reportage or photo journalistic wedding photography. This style is far more popular these days and as its name implies it is far less formal and rigid than the traditional wedding photography style. Essentially, it tells the story of your wedding with photographs and many people regard it is a far better way of representing the day and bringing back those happy memories. Some couples even completely dispense with any formal photographs and rely entirely on the skill of the photographer to capture every aspect of the day. Although rightfully popular, that are a couple of drawbacks to relying totally on this style. First, many all the members of your family may not appreciate the photographs and wonder why you haven’t got any of the”normal” formal photographs. Also you are entirely at the mercy of the skill of your photographer, and if he or she doesn’t fully understand the way you want your wedding story told, you may get photographs that don’t entirely please you. At i-clic photography we always take a great deal of time to find out exactly what sort of photographs people expect.

photographer captures father and daughter at Sussex wedding
Charming image of father and daughter during ceremony

The third style of wedding photography currently in vogue is often referred to as art, contemporary or fashion Wedding photography. As a style it attempts to replicate the sort of photograph you would see in a glossy fashion magazine, with everybody looking at their best and all of the locations and the lighting perfectly set up. Capturing pictures of this quality can be very time consuming both for the photographer, and you as the subject. On your wedding day you may not wish to spend so much time just on the photography, as there is so much else going on. However if this style of photography appeals to you, the results can be stunning, although do bear in mind these photographs rarely represent the actual atmosphere and feel of the day.

Photographer captures bride as she is prepared
Bride in pre wedding “art” image.

So which style should you choose? Our advice is to speak to your wedding photographer, and choose a blend of the three styles which best represents the way you would like your day to be recorded. At i-clic we specialise in all three styles and after consultation with you can give you exactly the wedding photographs you deserve.

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